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Our Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Festive Christmas Event at the Country Club

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by hosting a festive Christmas event at the Club! Whether you’re planning a family gathering, a corporate holiday party, or a community event, the Country Club provides an elegant and welcoming backdrop for a memorable celebration. To ensure your Christmas event is a resounding success, we’ve gathered our top five tips for hosting a festive and joyous occasion!


More times than not, the Club will already be decorated with Christmas trees and garland. However, you may add more holiday spirit by transforming our Club into a winter wonderland! Incorporate traditional Christmas colors like red, green, and gold into your decorations, and consider adding touches of silver or white for a sophisticated look. Try adorning your event tables with seasonal centerpieces and various height candles for a warm atmosphere. Remember, the right decor sets the tone for a memorable holiday celebration.


One of the highlights of any Christmas event is the delectable food. Work closely with our Catering team to craft a mouthwatering holiday menu that caters to all tastes and dietary preferences. From classic carving stations with all the trimmings to festive desserts, ensure that your menu reflects the spirit of the season. Consider offering a variety of options for appetizers, main courses, and desserts to accommodate different preferences.


A welcoming ambiance is key to a successful Christmas event. Greet guests with festive music playing softly in the background as they arrive. Consider hiring a live band or a DJ to provide entertainment and keep the energy high throughout the event. Create cozy lounge areas with comfortable seating where guests can relax and mingle. A warm and inviting atmosphere will make everyone feel at home and enhance the overall enjoyment of the celebration.


Incorporate engaging activities to keep guests entertained and add an extra layer of fun to your Christmas event. Consider hosting a holiday-themed photo booth with props, organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange, or even arranging a visit from Santa Claus himself for the younger attendees. Activities add an interactive element to your event and create lasting memories for everyone involved.


Set the dress code to “festive” and encourage guests to don their most elegant and holiday-inspired attire. Whether it’s classic Christmas sweaters, formal evening wear, or even a touch of sparkle, festive attire adds to the overall ambiance and helps create a visually stunning event. Consider incorporating a costume contest or awarding prizes for the most creatively dressed attendees to add an extra element of excitement.

Hosting a festive Christmas event at the Country Club is a wonderful way to bring people together and create lasting memories. By paying attention to decor, menu planning, ambiance, activities, and attire, you can ensure that your celebration is not only elegant but also filled with the joy and warmth of the holiday season.